Next Level

Next Level

Directors of Next Level, Lucas and Angela Fennell

Building Community and Relationships one life at a time.

Often the difference between surviving and thriving is a few adjustments. Whether shoring up a deficiency through acquiring a life skill or investing in a natural strength; our goal to see the next generation to the next level and become a healthy and prominent part of our society.

At 47 per 1000 residents, Port Angeles, WA has one of the highest crime rates when compared to all communities of all sizes in America (national crime rate – 41 per 1,000 residents). The public schools reported that students experiencing homelessness is a staggering 49 per 1,000. Students here are facing increasingly collapsing family structures, and the dependable community support has been low due to COVID-19 restrictions. Next Level aims to assist its community by supporting and equipping the youth in Clallam County.

Vision/Mission: Meeting students where they are at and equipping them for the Next Level.

This means we position ourselves to be in the lives of students in the natural crossroads of their life. From program development to services provided, we see where the students are coming from, help them identify where they are going, and assist them however we can along the way. From relationship education and effective communication skills to goal setting and job readiness – we focus on foundational life skills. In addition, we seek to utilize the potential unity and strength that the local community brings for services, incentives, and job opportunities! 

Onward and upward… to the Next Level!

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