Meet Our Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director:

Hi Friends,

I’m Jacqueline Rae and I am so happy to be serving on the InFocus team. I have immense enthusiasm for nurturing the ministries and purposes of InFocus. The leaders we work with have boundless dedication to their calling in God’s Kingdom. Every single day they put their “boots on the ground” and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty to help people at their greatest point of need with practical help and eternal hope. This is the stuff that gets me excited and gets me involved!

For several years now, I have been a big fan of InFocus Ministries. I have sat on the edge of my seat with my heart pumping over the grit and passion that I see in our ministry partners and for what they are accomplishing. They are the heart-to-God, hand-to-man style of ministries that change lives and impact our culture for Christ.

I strongly believe that if anything is to be accomplished it must come from a very intentional plan. That plan includes partnering with you, with churches, and community leaders to spread awareness of what God is doing with this ministry and what we have to offer.

I am eager to learn more about you and how we can help you use your God given talents to answer the calling that is on your life. Feel free to connect with me! 

Serving the Kingdom . . . And loving it!

Jacqueline Rae

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